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Auction and County Fair Buyer's Pool Support

Angelina County Fair Exhibitors in the Auction Ring

How can I become involved with the Auction?

Many of our Faithful supporters that have come out to buy projects at the Angelina County Fair Auction. 
You are impressed with the commitment and hard work of one of our exhibitors and you would like to help them by purchasing their project in the County Fair Auction.
No problem, you have several options.
  1. Come out to the Expo during the auction and sign up to become a buyer and become the winning bid on the project.
  2.  If you can not make it out to the Auction but would still like to purchase an item you can call Joe McCleskey,                  936-635-0473. Let him bid for you by giving him your top dollar bid amount. 
  3. If you are impressed with so many of the kids and can't decide which project you would like to buy but still want to help the exhibitors out, you can contribute to the Angelina County Buyers' Pool. We have buyers ready to purchase many projects with the donations of generous companies and individuals.

Thank you to Urgent Doc ACF Buyers' Dinner Sponsor

Urgent Doc
ACF Buyers' Dinner

I have purchased a project in the Auction, now what?

Once you have been awarded the winning bid on an item in the auction it is yours to take home with you. You will be billed for that item by the Angelina County Fair. If you purchase a livestock project and do not want to take the animal home, you have other options. 
  1. Resale - You can deem the animal resale after you have been awarded the winning bid. The animal you purchased will be placed on the resale trailer and the resale value will be deducted from your bill. 
  2. Processing - Tyers Processing in Crockett, TX to be processed as you wish.
     936-544-7463 or visit them on http://www.tyersprocessing.com
  3. Processing - Massingills Meat Market in Lufkin, TX to be processed as you wish. (936) 634-9211

Angelina County Fair Buyer Pool Donation

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