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Family & Consumer Science

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Sponsorship Available

Angelina County Fair Family & Consumer Science

Break out the cookbooks and line up the taste testers it is time to get ready for the Angelina County Fair Family and Consumer Science Show. The FCS contest allows students to prepare a dish, learn all about the nutritional value and tell about the experience in a short interview. Many students spend months preparing recipes trying to find that perfect Fair winning recipe. Once they have that perfect recipe they practice and practice and practice in order to get their dish finger licking good. If you have a sweet tooth you will definitely want to come out and bid on the Best of Show recipe in our auction. Take your pick in the Best of Show of the breads, desserts, cheesecakes, cakes, cookies or pies.
If you are an exhibitor that loves to be in the kitchen, the FCS show is just the show for you. Get out those recipe books and read our rules to find out all the yummy things you can enter in this year's fair.


To enter for the ACF Family and Consumer Science Show you must complete 3 easy steps by the deadline date of the February 9th. Late entries will be accepted thru Feb. 14th with a $10 late fee.

1. Register online by clicking on the “Family & Consumer Science Registration” link below. Payment available online.

2. Email your recipe in the correct format to your FCCLA or FFA Advisor or 4-H leader.

3.Turn in your entry fee to your FCCLA or FFA Advisor or 4-H leader.

But first check out the FAQ page below to make sure you have ingredients that are eligible for the show!!!


Have a question about your recipe? Check our FAQ for answers


Online registration must be completed by the February 10th to avoid late charges. Late entries taken until the 14th with a $10 fee per entry. In order to complete your entry you must turn in your entry fee, verified recipe and online confirmation to your teacher or the CEO by the deadline date. Begin Online Registration by clicking below


2.Check our sample recipe & make sure your recipe is correct



Just a few of our FCS cooks and their prize recipes!

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